Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan back on screen

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One of the Bollywood most celebrated couple might get back on big screen. Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai who’s chemistry sizzled in the movie Devdas might go on to star in Ashutosh Gowariker’s next venture.

Shah Rukh and Aishwarya not only started in Devdas but also in other movies like Josh (as brother and sister) and Mohabbatein. Just when the audience was loving their chemistry the two stars drifted apart due to personal issues.

Aishwarya Rai was supposed to play the lead role in the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’ which was produced by Shah Rukh Khan. But it is said that her then boyfriend disrupted the sets and Aishwarya Rai walked out. Rani Mukerjee ultimately went on to star opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

But SRK and Bachchan family are close and things have been better between Aishwarya and Shah Rukh.

If rumors are to be believed then Aishwarya and Shah Rukh might star in Swades sequel planned by Ashutosh.

Mandira Bedi blessed with a baby boy

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This Fathers Day was extra special for the actress and anchor Mandira Bedi and her husband of 11 years, Raj Kaushal. The couple was blessed with a baby boy on Friday June 17th at 11:01 AM atLilavatiHospital.  

“Had a superb Fathers day (my 1st) thanks to my little Vir. Thank you @mandybedi for the best gift in my life. I think I am in ♥ again ? Ladies and gentlemen. At 11.01am IST weighing 6 pounds the czar of our lives Mr. Vir Kaushal has arrived. :-)”, tweeted the excited father.

The couple had a long list of names but on Raj’s insistence named the baby Vir.


Big B doesnt like remakes

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"Abhishek and I feel that an original should be left (as) original. People who are doing remakes have the rights of the original films... so they can do it," said Amitabh Bachchan when asked if his company AB Corp would be remaking any of his hit films.

Amitabh Bachchan movies like ‘Agneepath’ and ‘Saathe pe Saatha’ are being re-made.

"For my generation, Dilip Kumar was the ultimate ''Devdas''. For today’s youth, it is Shah Rukh. Tastes and preferences change with generations as one goes about remaking the same product. Who knows, after some year’s people might feel that Shah Rukh is the original Don," he added.

He said that his own portrayal of ‘Angry Young Man’ wasn’t an original. "There were few of them before me, prominent one being Duttsaab (Sunil Dutt) in Mother India”, he said. He also added that his character because the youth from that generation identified with his character.

When asked about what he missed the most from yester years, Big B said that it was soft lyrics that he missed the most. He hopes that the song ‘Haal-e-dil’ that he sung for his upcoming movie Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap will be able to revive some of the olden days magic and also become a hit.

He also said that the quality of the dialogues and screenplay have gone down. "Today, there is no longevity”, he said.

"I go to the gym every day. But for this role, I trained a little more and looked after my diet," he added when he was asked about how he managed to act for the role in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap. 

Shah Rukh appreciates Kareena

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The release date of the much awaited super hero flick RA.One is coming closer. The lead stars working harder than ever to complete the movie before the time.

Shah Rukh has appreciated his co-star and leading lady’s hard work. Talking about Kareena Shah Rukh said on twitter, “Finished the last few bits and pieces of RA.One with Kareena. Want to thank her for working so hard and fast...she was such a sport. Hope we haven't tanned her too much in the hot sun”.

The stars are currently in Hyderabad shooting for the remaining shots of the movie.

The movie is to be released on Diwali this year. 

Saif slams the rumors

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Saif Ali Khan has rubbished the rumors which claim that all is not hunky dory in Saif and Kareena’s 4 year long relationship.

Rumors started going around recently that Saif Ali Khan wasn’t that happy with Kareena Kapoor’s busy schedule.

But recently Saif slammed the rumors saying, “I would like to reassure our fans and well wishers that all is well with Kareena and. We are working hard but we always take out time for each other. All these rumors are disturbing and untrue. Especially when families are brought into it in such bad taste. I would not like to say anymore except we are very happy together."

The source close to them added, “The news has deeply disturbed both the couple and their respective families. They have always been open about their relationship and are upset with these rumors planted by sources with vested interests".

I am nothing compared to Mr. Bachchan: Imran Khan

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Aamir Khan has left no stone unturned in promoting his new movie ‘Delhi Belly’. But as luck would have it, he would be competing against none other than Big B. The Imran Khan starter ‘Delhi Belly’ is slated to release on the same day as Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Bbuddah… Hoga Tera Baap’.

"I am nothing compared to Mr. Bachchan. I have grown up watching his movies. He is the living legend of our country. The line starts from where he stands; I might be at the end of that line. I pray that his movie does well," said Imran Khan. Talk about playing it safe!

While talking about the ‘DK Bose’ song controversy Imran said, “People assume Aamir to be a soft target since he never responds to any comments given by them. There have been lyrics worse than D K Bose, but no one objected to them. Bhaag D. K. Bose is a good song and many people like it”.

He said the movie’s target audience was the youth. “Delhi Belly is for youngsters and if they like it then I am happy with it,” he said.

Given that not only ‘DK Bose’ song but also Ja Chudail and Switty Tera Pyar Chaida are also hit with the youngsters and audience are already keen to watch the movie, movie might do a good business.

Shah Rukh might not perform at IIFA

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Just 2 days back the news spread around that Shah Rukh Khan might break his 7 year hiatus and perform on IIFA stage this year. Even when the fans were cheering, the news that he might not perform even this year is sure to dampen their spirits.

The actor hurt his knee last year and thanks to his new movie RA.One the injury seems to have aggravated more.

"The shoot of RA.One has been quite challenging for SRK. He has been exerting himself quite a bit for the shoot. Consequently his knee injury has come back”, said a source.

The doctors have reportedly advised the star to take some rest. "The doctor has advised Shah Rukh not to strain his knee. As a result he will have to cut down on the shooting and physical work. He may have to skip going to IIFA because of his knee injury," added the source.

But the director of IFFA awards, Sabbas Joseph maintains that Shah Rukh Khan will perform his year. 

Rajinikath writes to his fans

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The Superstar Rajinikanth has written a hand written letter to his fans to thank them for their support and prayers during his illness. Rajinikanth was hospitalized due to bad health was discharged earlier this week. He is still inSingaporeundergoing regular check ups.

This is what the letter said

After getting discharged from the hospital I took a paper and pen to write letter to you my fans. But I could not get words.

After talking to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who has promised to help me at any time and Kalaingar Karunanidhi who always has love for me, I am writing you my fans.

First forgive me for not talking to you in the beginning itself. Even in this scientific world, we toss a coin to decide who will play first in a game. But humans can just toss the coin. God will decide whether its head or tail.

In my game, on one side had excellent medical facilities, world renowned doctors, technology and money.

But the fact is prayers, poojas, homams, prayers and fasting by fans to god saved me. You have shown the world how much public love is there for Rajnikanth.

I am getting well because of all your love. You have treated me as an elder brother, younger brother, friend and one amongst you in your family.

This has put me in the path of recovery.

There are no words to thank you. Now my duty is to make you happy. Soon, I will act in Rana and make you happy.

I will pray to god for your well being.


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Minissha miffed with Vinay Pathak

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When Minissha Lamba signed on for the movie ‘Bheja Fry 2’, she was not only excited to have an opportunity to work with a winning team but was also looking to revive her career which was going downhill.

But it seems that the actress dint get what she was hoping to get from the movie. The actress is said to be upset with Vinay Pathak… the hero of the movie hogging the lime light.

The tension between the two was very evident when Minissha Lamba refused to give an interview with her co-star Vinay Pathak. Minissha Lamba was miffed when Vinay Pathak hardly gave her a chance to talk and hogged the lime light.

"Minissha got irritated because Vinay was constantly talking about Bheja Fry 2 and his role, hardly giving her any chance to speak. Vinay Pathak also cracked some jokes which did not go down very well with the actress," said a source.

But Minissha contradicts the source as she said, “When it comes to comedy in Hindi cinema, there is very minimal scope for heroines. The genre is such that the best comic scenes are always penned from the man’s point of view. Though I don’t entirely understand the logic behind it, I don’t challenge it either. It’s good to accept things”.

“Definitely, at the end of the day Bheja Fry will always be about Bharat Bhushan (played by Vinay Pathak). So instead of cribbing about the length of individual roles, it’s better to contribute what’s expected of you and then sit back and enjoy what Vinay does on screen. That’s what I am going to do”, she added.

All's not well in Kareena Saif's paradise

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If the rumors are to be believed all is not well in Kareena and Saif’s paradise. The 4 year old relationship between the couple seems to be going through a rough phase.

“They are having some issues. They have been arguing and fighting a lot, more than normal couples do. And it isn't healthy. One of the reasons for the differences is that they are not being able to spend time with each other. Bebo has always been the busier one (by choice) and Saif had no qualms about being with her on the outdoors of her films, whenever time permits. But since he began shooting for his last two films — Akarshan and Cocktail — things haven't been the same”, said an inside course close to the couple.

Kareena Kapoor might just be the busiest star currently as she has 5 major movies in her kitty. Saif is said to be furious with the fact that Kareena dint even make time for their annual holiday this year.

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