DK Bose song gets Censor Board in trouble

Added by harini on Jun 17, 2011

Ever since the song ‘DK Bose’ from the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ released it has been in midst of controversies. The song became popular over night with the young audience thanks to its fresh and bold nature.

Though one set of audience have loved the song, the others are infuriated. Where some appreciate the song for its bold nature, the other ridicules it for the same.

A set of people believe that the song is bad influence on the youth and that it shouldn’t have been allowed to play on television with a U certificate.

After an overwhelming number of angry mails to ‘The information and Broadcasting Ministry’, the Ministry has now decided to file a formal complaint against the Censor Board questioning their action on clearing the song ‘DK Bose’ to be aired on television.

The song has been sung and composed by Ram Sampat, who currently is enjoying immensely popularity thanks to the song.

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