Minissha miffed with Vinay Pathak

Added by harini on Jun 18, 2011

When Minissha Lamba signed on for the movie ‘Bheja Fry 2’, she was not only excited to have an opportunity to work with a winning team but was also looking to revive her career which was going downhill.

But it seems that the actress dint get what she was hoping to get from the movie. The actress is said to be upset with Vinay Pathak… the hero of the movie hogging the lime light.

The tension between the two was very evident when Minissha Lamba refused to give an interview with her co-star Vinay Pathak. Minissha Lamba was miffed when Vinay Pathak hardly gave her a chance to talk and hogged the lime light.

"Minissha got irritated because Vinay was constantly talking about Bheja Fry 2 and his role, hardly giving her any chance to speak. Vinay Pathak also cracked some jokes which did not go down very well with the actress," said a source.

But Minissha contradicts the source as she said, “When it comes to comedy in Hindi cinema, there is very minimal scope for heroines. The genre is such that the best comic scenes are always penned from the man’s point of view. Though I don’t entirely understand the logic behind it, I don’t challenge it either. It’s good to accept things”.

“Definitely, at the end of the day Bheja Fry will always be about Bharat Bhushan (played by Vinay Pathak). So instead of cribbing about the length of individual roles, it’s better to contribute what’s expected of you and then sit back and enjoy what Vinay does on screen. That’s what I am going to do”, she added.

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