Rajinikath writes to his fans

Added by harini on Jun 19, 2011

The Superstar Rajinikanth has written a hand written letter to his fans to thank them for their support and prayers during his illness. Rajinikanth was hospitalized due to bad health was discharged earlier this week. He is still inSingaporeundergoing regular check ups.

This is what the letter said

After getting discharged from the hospital I took a paper and pen to write letter to you my fans. But I could not get words.

After talking to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who has promised to help me at any time and Kalaingar Karunanidhi who always has love for me, I am writing you my fans.

First forgive me for not talking to you in the beginning itself. Even in this scientific world, we toss a coin to decide who will play first in a game. But humans can just toss the coin. God will decide whether its head or tail.

In my game, on one side had excellent medical facilities, world renowned doctors, technology and money.

But the fact is prayers, poojas, homams, prayers and fasting by fans to god saved me. You have shown the world how much public love is there for Rajnikanth.

I am getting well because of all your love. You have treated me as an elder brother, younger brother, friend and one amongst you in your family.

This has put me in the path of recovery.

There are no words to thank you. Now my duty is to make you happy. Soon, I will act in Rana and make you happy.

I will pray to god for your well being.


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