Shah Rukh might not perform at IIFA

Added by harini on Jun 19, 2011

Just 2 days back the news spread around that Shah Rukh Khan might break his 7 year hiatus and perform on IIFA stage this year. Even when the fans were cheering, the news that he might not perform even this year is sure to dampen their spirits.

The actor hurt his knee last year and thanks to his new movie RA.One the injury seems to have aggravated more.

"The shoot of RA.One has been quite challenging for SRK. He has been exerting himself quite a bit for the shoot. Consequently his knee injury has come back”, said a source.

The doctors have reportedly advised the star to take some rest. "The doctor has advised Shah Rukh not to strain his knee. As a result he will have to cut down on the shooting and physical work. He may have to skip going to IIFA because of his knee injury," added the source.

But the director of IFFA awards, Sabbas Joseph maintains that Shah Rukh Khan will perform his year. 

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