Sonakshi steals Anushka's show

Added by harini on Jun 27, 2011

Poor Anushka Sharma couldn’t catch a break recently at IIFA festival held inToronto.

Firstly the poor girl had to travel to Toronto without her beau by her side. Ranveer Singh was only able to join her the very next day.

Secondly, Sonakshi Sinha was selected over Anushka Sharma to perform with Ranveer Singh. Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh rehearsed together for the performance but the organizers at the last moment chose Sonakshi over Anushka as they dint find her performance satisfactory.

"At the last moment Anushka was replaced by Sonakshi to dance with Ranveer. The organizers said that Anushka was not well prepared, and thus they couldn't take any chances”, said a source.

It is known that Sonakshi is smitten by Ranveer as she candidly admitted recently in a chat show. Anushka though replied saying, “He is all yours. Please go ahead." But we all know she really dint mean it.

The bright spot of Anushka Sharma’s evening was that she won ‘Best Actor (female)’ award for her performance in ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. Even that moment got ruined as Lisa Ray called ‘Anushka Shankar’ instead of Sharma. Karan Johar though was quick to correct her.

But by then she wouldn’t have minded it much because Ranveer had already made her happy by saying, “Thanks Anushka for making me hot!” in his acceptance speech.

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