Saif Ali Khan possessive of his 'Kareena' tattoo

Added by harini on Jul 09, 2011

Apparently, Saif Ali Khan is so possessive about his ‘Kareena' Tattoo on his fore arm that he doesn’t allow anyone to touch it.

"Saif required a lot of preparation every day on location. A lot of makeup had to go into making him look 'normal' in the part of a Dalit. But when it came to his tattoo, he wouldn't allow anyone to touch it. He would do the makeup over the tattoo himself”, says a source from unit of his upcoming movie ‘Aakarshan’.

The only person allowed to touch the tattoo is Kareena herself.

As if that wasn’t enough, Saif Ali also seeks the approval of Kareena Kapoor on his looks before he stars shooting.

"Every morning he would click himself and send his photo to her. Only after she approved would he go ahead with the shoot”, added the source.

After the rumors of trouble in paradise, now the rumors are rife that they are to tie knot in 2012. 

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