A Tete`-a-tete´ with Soha Ali Khan

Added by harini on Jul 11, 2011

Soha Ali Khan is known to take the road less traveled. The actress seems to choose offbeat movies and meatier roles over commercial success. Her movies like Mumbai Meri Jaan, Dil Kabaddi and Khoya Khoya Chand, might not have been a box office hit but have gained the actress rave reviews. Her acting in movies like ‘Rang De Basanti’ stands as testimony to her talent.

Q. Are you happy the way your career has shaped up?

A. I don't know if anyone is ever happy with his/her career. If you are ambitious, then nothing is ever good enough. I'm happy in a way, but there is lot more to achieve, and I am hungry for more.

Q. You are currently busy shooting for 3 movies Soundtrack, Chemistry and Deepa Mehta's Winds of Change. Can you tell us something about your character in these films?

A. In Soundtrack, I play a woman who is hearing impaired. My teachers from the Helen Keller Institute made sure that I got the sign and body language of a hearing impaired person right. It took time, but we finally did it.

Q. What about the movie Chemistry?

A. Initially, I was little confused by that. I play a tomboy whose ego has taken a beating after being dumped by her boyfriend. She is full of herself, is mad, has red hair, and wears bizarre clothes. She is not worried about anything.

Q. We heard that wind of Change is based on Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children. What character do you play?

A. Next question please.

Q. Now that Bollywood actresses are venturing into South Indian movies, do you have similar plans?

A. I have done Bengali cinema, but I don't know about the south. Some of the best directors in the country are from the south. If I am to work here, the director has to be good, someone from whom I can learn a lot. But for me to do a film, it's important that I know the language.

Q. And what about small screen. Will we get to see you there?

A. I did a game show earlier and found working for television great fun. But I should get the right show. I want to work with someone like Siddharth Basu from whom I learnt a lot during my last outing.

Q. Any chance of you working along with your brother Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor?

A. No! I can't even imagine what that film would be like.

Q. We heard that Saif and Kareena are planning to get married soon. Is it true? If it is, will it affect you?

A. I am glad that Saif and Kareena are in love and happy together. But when they choose to get married, is up to them. Their marriage is not going to affect my career in any way.

Q. Talking about marriage, do you have any plans in near future?

A. I have no marriage plans yet. In fact, I don't have any plans for life.

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