Madhur approaches Kareena secretly for 'Heroine'

Added by harini on Jul 12, 2011

Days after Aishwarya Rai announced her pregnancy, the production house UTV gave an official statement saying that the movie ‘Heroine’ will be shelved indefinitely. The news upset the director, Madhur Bhandarkar who had said that ‘Heroine’ was his dream project.

Now, the buzz is going around that both the production house and the director have decided to revive the project with different leading lady.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, sources claim that Madhur Bhandarkar has re-approached Kareena for the movie.

The movie was written with Kareena Kapoor in mind. Madhur had gone to Kareena with the role but Kareena had problems with the script. Madhur was adamant about the changes and decided to approach Aishwarya Rai, who immediately agreed to do the part.

“Kareena had got a feeler from Madhur saying he wanted to meet her regarding Heroine. Madhur is a good friend of hers and she has always been accommodating towards him. She might give it another thought but she is unlikely to do it right now, as her schedule is choc-a-bloc,” said a source.

What’s more is that, Madhur Bhandarkar seems to be willing to change the script according to Kareena’s wish.

Kareena Kapoor previously had a problem with the adult content of the movie. She was reluctant to do the intense love scenes in the movie. She also had a problem about the lead character using her sexuality to her advantage.

“[Post Ash’s exit] Madhur has told her that the new script is totally according to her demands and she will be able to relate to the role. Bebo listened to him patiently but has not committed anything. We do not know whether it was a meeting or a telephonic communication, but Bebo told us that Madhur approached her again [for Heroine],” the source added.

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