Mausam was written with Shahid in mind: Pankaj Kapoor

Added by harini on Jul 12, 2011

The immensely talented actor Pankaj Kapoor will make his directorial debut with the movie ‘Mausam’. On Monday the director unveiled the 1st look of the movie.

While talking about the movie, Pankaj Kapoor revealed that he had written the script with his actor son Shahid Kapoor in his mind.

"The film was specifically written keeping Shahid in mind. It's not that I had written the script and then decided on Shahid," Pankaj Kapoor told the reporters.

"I had other scripts and we wondered whether Shahid could be part of them or a fresh script should be written for him? We decided to write a fresh script and that's how the birth of Mausam took place," he added.

Though the actor of the movie was decided the leading lady wasn’t.

"While writing, there was no girl in my head; it was the character that was in my head. I think Sonam was the very first actress who was approached for the role," Pankaj said.

The actor, who is known for his roles in movies like Maqbool, Dharm and Blue Umbrella and also in a TV show ‘Office Office’, said that directing a movie was his dream.

"I had wanted to direct a film for a long time. I have directed on television for five years. So there was this desire to direct. I was writing for a long time. There were talks about my directing a film for a long time and here came a moment where we decided to go for this film," said Pankaj.

"It has its own comment to make. Though the endeavour is to make an entertaining film, which reaches to almost everyone and yet have a certain level of presentation that appeals to one and all. It will be able to set some kind of a standard of work," he added.

He said that being an actor has helped him immensely while directing the movie.

"When I am in the shoes of a director, I don't think like an actor. I am only there to support my actors and take out the best from them. I happened to be aware of it as I had been an actor and it sort of helped me to take work out of them and to convey what I actually wanted from them," said Pankaj.

Mausam is a romantic movie in which Shahid Kapoor plays a role of a pilot. The movie will be released on 16th September 2011.

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