Amrita Rao promotes Vegetarianism

Added by harini on Jul 14, 2011

Amrita Rao is the latest actress to join hands with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to promote vegetarianism. The actress recently shot for an ad for PETA donning a T-shirt with slogan ‘Powered by Tofu’.

“I call being vegetarian the 'Wow Rao' diet. Wow because I know that being vegetarian is the best thing I can do for myself, the animals and the environment”, says Amrita Rao.

“Pulses can get pulses racing, while corpse cuisine slows you down. Kick the meat habit and you'll look and feel better than ever”, added the actress.

When asked about her reasons to promote vegetarianism she said, “For one thing, vegetarians are, on average, fitter and trimmer than meat-eaters are, so the best thing that young people who want to look their best can do is to keep meat off their plates. Also, the consumption of meat and other animal-derived products has been conclusively linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

“Going vegetarian is also the kindest gift that you can give Mother Earth: a recent United Nations report concluded that a global shift towards a diet free of animal products is necessary to combat against the worst effects of climate change. And, of course, meat is murder on animals: every vegetarian saves the lives of approximately 100 animals each year”, she adds.

“I Am Amrita Rao, and I Am a Vegetarian”, concludes Amrita Rao.

Previously the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Lara Dutta, R Madhavan and Anil Kumble have done their bits to promote healthy vegetarian diets.

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