Ajay and I got along really well: Kajal Aggarwal

Added by harini on Jul 15, 2011

Kajal Aggarwal a well known South Indian actress is making her Bollywood debut along side Ajay Devgn in upcoming movie ‘Singham’.

The movie is said to be an out and out Ajay Devgn film and Kajal Agarwal has very little screen time. But the actress has no qualms about that.

“It is not the amount of screen space that I have but it is the quality of work that I deliver in that time. Yes it is an Ajay Devgn film but I will stand out with my performance too. And I am sure after watching the film people won’t stop loving me,” says the actress.

Ajay Devgn is said to be an ultimate prankster and Kajal says that she was his favorite victim.

“Since day one of my shoot I have been his favorite victim to crack all possible jokes. But as they were all in good humor so it proved like a good ice breaker and Rohit Shetty (director of the film), Ajay and I got along really well”.

 The movie ‘Singham’ is a remake of Tamil movie of same name. Kajal Agarwal is portraying the character that Anushka Shetty has played in the original.

 “The script may be same but the treatment is a lot different as it caters to the Hindi audience,” she says.

When asked if Ajay or Surya are better answers diplomatically saying both are her friends and actors of great caliber.

Talking about her white superstition she says, “Whenever I’ve shot my introductory scene in a white outfit, the film has become a hit. My wearing white in the opening shot of Singham has been blown out of proportion”.

Asked about the kind of roles she would like she says, “I am ready to do all kind of roles but I have my reservations about clothes and intimacy.”

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