'Don 2' tattoo registered on Shah Rukh Khan's name

Added by harini on Jul 15, 2011
The 'D' tattoo from Don2
The 'D' tattoo from Don2

Here’s a yet another first for Shah Rukh Khan. The ‘D’ tattoo worn by Shah Rukh in his upcoming movie ‘Don 2’ has been registered on his name.

“Farhan, SRK and I thought it was a good idea to make the tattoo permanently his”, said Ritesh Sidhwani, the producer of the movie.

The tattoo registration has been to gain the copyright of the tattoo. The promotion merchandise of the movie is being designed around the tattoo’s design. Ritesh Sidhwani is confident that the merchandise will be a huge hit with the audience.

"The biggest fans of the franchise are kids. Merchandise like caps, T-shirts, bags and other stuff will really be liked by them. It's been five years since the first film. In this period, the craze for the film has just grown. We've realized that protecting the copyright to the tattoo design worn by SRK will keep the franchise alive”, added the producing.

Talking about the movie, he said that ‘Don 2’ will be bigger and better than ‘Don’. He said that being inspired by Amitabh Bachchan’s Don, they couldn’t stray much from the original.

"In several ways, it ended just the way Amitji's film did. In the case of Don 2, we had no such limitations, so the thrills and the frills are more original”, said Ritesh.

When asked about ‘D’ tattoo to the director Farhan Akhtar he said, “The D tattoo was designed as a representation of Don's attitude. In a world where men tattoo the name of their beloved on their arm... we thought we should have a subliminal symbol of Don's confidence in himself. It is definitely not permanent but I think Shah Rukh really enjoyed wearing it... maybe it kept him in the character's frame of mind."

The movie is to be released on 13th of December 2011 and will star Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta along with Shah Rukh Khan.

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