Wedding bells for Jacqueline and Sajid?

Added by harini on Jul 18, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez is glowing now a days. And the glow can be attributed to more than just the success of Murder 2.

"Jacqueline and Sajid are in a relationship. In fact, people on the sets of Housefull 2 call her 'bhabhi'”, confirmed a source close to Sajid Khan.

Earlier it was reported that Jacqueline had broken her 2 year long relationship withBahrainPrince because of her growing closeness with Sajid Khan. But it later turned out that he wasn’t a prince after all but a rich industrialist in UAE.

The sparks between the actress and director started on sets of ‘Housefull 2’ movie. The two would take breaks together to spend time with each other.

"Every time there was a break, Jacky would just disappear. Initially, people on the sets thought that she must have gone somewhere with Riteish since the two of them were rumored to have had an affair earlier. But Riteish would be around reading his script. The crew soon discovered that whenever Jacqueline disappeared the director too vanished. It was only then people realized that they were seeing each other”, said a source.

Initially the rumors were rife that the actress role in the movie was extended because of her proximity with the director. But when people realized how serious the relationship was, the rumors died down.

"Sajid is really serious about her. She was earlier dating a guy from the Middle East. But she broke up quite some time back. Sajid came into the scene after that and they got together. Now things have become pretty serious. Even Farah Khan, Sajid's sister is aware of it. If things go well, Sajid and Jacky may even decide to settle down together soon enough," informed the source.

When asked Sajid Khan about the news, he neither confirmed nor denied it.

"Have I ever spoken about my personal life publicly?" is all he said.

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