Aarakshan has therapeutic value, says Prakash Jha

Added by harini on Jul 20, 2011

Prakash Jha’s upcoming movie ‘Aarakshan’ is based on the caste based reservation system inIndia. The director doesn’t know if the movie will bring about any changes in the society but is sure that the movie has therapeutic value.

“If through a wider and keener understanding, some kind of solution comes out of it, then we will take the pride in that. We have tried to assimilate every kind of feeling. We have tried to understand the equation that works in a fast-paced society,” Jha told IANS in an interview.

“We have tried to tell a story which is kind of therapeutic because it is intended to heal. If it can somehow give everybody his or her solution... but we have not tried to preach through the film,” said Jha.

The movie has been said to be a socio-political drama. But Prakash Jha has said that it has nothing to do with politics.

“I don't think the film supports, contradicts or supplements any ideology. So, probably it won't fall into the category of politics. As education has the same value for everyone, you can call it a social or an issue-based film. It's very contemporary as every family is concerned about the education and job their child will get,” said Jha.

'It's difficult to eradicate it from our society - gender bias or caste are two paramount problems of our society and not easy to handle. What we can try to do is to make a more equitable society. To remove this bias, there has to be inclusive growth,' said the director.

The director said that he was very impressed by Saif Ali Khan who plays a Dalit in the movie.

“Saif is a fantastic actor but underrated in the industry. You can't imagine what he can do. It was not easy to play a Dalit. He worked very hard on their language and mannerisms. I didn't add anything except a moustache in his look and that also he grew. He portrayed the role so convincingly,” said Jha.

Saif Ali Khan playing a Dalit role had caused an uproar in some groups but Jha said that he has spoken to them and tried to pacify them.

'I have politely given them my explanation. I hope I could satisfy them. I can't change the fact that Saif Ali Khan being a nawab has played the role of a Dalit. I have told them that the kind of discrimination you have suffered so long, the same discrimination you want to do with Saif, which is not right,' he said.

The director is known for his bold movies with concepts that are rarely touched. He has made any issue based movies like 'Damul' (1986), 'Gangaajal' (2004), 'Apaharan' (2006) and 'Raajneeti' (2010).

'I always try to be careful of what I am doing in terms of product and acceptance. I always keep myself alert so that my narrative can communicate an engaging story with characters with whom audiences could relate to. This is the constant battle that I have and keep hoping that these stories will work. Fortunately they have worked,' concluded Jha. 

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