Is Lara Dutta Pregnant?

Added by harini on Jul 22, 2011

The rumors of Lara Dutta’s pregnancy have spread like wildfire ever since the actress was seen visiting a doctor. Lara spending more time in Bangalore than Mumbai has only intensified the rumors.

"Lara isn't saying 'yes', but she isn't saying 'no' either. When gossip is untrue, actors are the first to clarify through the media or their social micro-blogging site. Lara hasn't done that; Shilpa Shetty did it almost immediately when rumors of her pregnancy started making the rounds; Lara's silence almost confirms her pregnancy," said an insider.

The insider also added that Lara Dutta will only break the news after 3 months of pregnancy.

The actress hasn’t signed any new movies recently except for her home production ‘Chalo Dilli’. She has just 2 upcoming movies ‘Don 2’ and ‘Band Yeh Bindaas Hai’, for which she has already completed shooting.

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