Salman Khan keen on Chillar Party sequels

Added by harini on Jul 26, 2011

Salman Khan seems to be enjoying his new role as the producer. The actor who turned producer with the movie ‘Chillar Party’ is planning not just one but two sequels to the movie.

Salman Khan who co-produced the movie with UTV is very keen on the sequels but same can’t be said about UTV. They are skeptical about the sequels as even though the movie was critically acclaimed it dint fare that well commercially.

Salman Khan is apparently very miffed with the production as they have concentrated less on ‘Chillar Party’ and more on ‘Delhi Belly’.

Vikas Bahl, the co-director of the movie confirmed the above.

 "We actually shot the film two years ago. And when Salman came into the picture the kids were again back into action. They bonded so well with Salman, that it would be heartbreaking for them if he had moved on."

He also said that the sequels were definitely on cards.

"Yes we've written two more screenplays for the Chillar Party series. In one, all the kids get together to take the slum-kid Fatka (Irrfan Khan) and all his slum-mates to school. In the third film the kids are the think-tank for the Indian Olympic squad hired by the government." 

Salman Khan has made it clear that he will get on board with all the sequels. It needs to be seen if he will go solo if UTV backs out of the project.

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