Salman Khan still persists with Sanjay Dutt to play his father

Added by harini on Jul 27, 2011

Salman Khan is still persisting with Sanjay Dutt for the role of his father in his upcoming movie ‘Bodyguard’, even after the ugly brawl on Thursday night.

Salman Khan approached Sanjay with the offer, at first Sanjay laughed it off but sources suggest that Sanjay is now miffed with Salman.

“Salman had actually made the offer of his father's role to Sanju two days earlier, and the latter just laughed it off. At the party last Thursday, he brought it up again. This time, Sanju lost his cool and an angry scene ensued”, said a source.

The behavior of Salman Khan on Thursday night’s bash dint help the matters any further. Salman Khan apparently was curt with Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maanayata.

"Sallu told her that he won't address her as bhabhi, but by her name," said the source.

Sanjay Dutt dint like the way Salman Khan spoke with his wife. His behavior with Kumar Gaurav also dint go down well with Sanju Baba.

"Salman told Kumar Gaurav that he had launched new girls into stardom. So he could even give a hit debut to his daughter Saachi. Before things got real ugly, Prashant and Rohit Jugraj escorted him out."

At that moment Sanjay Dutt wanted to back off Bigg Boss but being a professional he chose to stay.

"Even though the deal was signed, it took a lot for Sanjay to not walk out of the show. Moreover it was Salman who had suggested that he and Sanju host the show together," said a source.

Another source said that Salman Khan thinks there is nothing disrespectful about asking Sanjay Dutt to play his dad.

"Salman is not being unrealistic or spiteful by offering Dutt his father's role. Salman is the kind of person who would do anything for a friend. If Dutt asked him to play a walk-on part in a film, Salman wouldn't think twice before doing it. So he sees nothing wrong in offering Dutt his father's role, and he won't take a no for an answer," said the source.

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