Rohit Shetty and Reliance Entertainment at loggerheads

Added by harini on Jul 28, 2011

The ‘Singham’ director Rohit Shetty has fallen out with the movie producers Reliance Entertainment. Apparently, the animosity between the director and producers isn’t new. It’s reported that they have been at logger heads ever since the movie began but it’s only now that Rohit Shetty has moved out of his office.

"There were various issues between some people from the production unit and Rohit Shetty. In fact, during the Goa schedule of the film, there were fights between them over trivial issues. Rohit was heard saying that he has never worked with such a production crew and he was unwilling to continue the film. However, Ajay's timely intervention made him complete it”, said a source to Mumbai Mirror.

"During the post production, Rohit had various issues which fumed him. But since he was racing against time, he let matters go. However, just a day before the release of the film, things turned nasty. People from the production team named Purva and Dhiraj Shah, sent an email to Rohit's chief assistant Bahul asking them to vacate the office premises. After Bahul informed Rohit about the email, he lost his cool completely and did not go to the office," added the source.

When the higher officials of the production house found out about the blunder, they tried to make things right by sending higher personnel to apologize but Rohit Shetty had had enough by then.

"Incidentally, that time Rohit was at Ajay's residence. While two officials reached Ajay's residence in Juhu, both Ajay and Rohit refused to meet them. The officials wandered for a couple of hours but when they saw that both Rohit and Ajay were in no mood to meet them, they left. It has been four days since the release of the film and Rohit has not spoken to any of the people in Reliance at all," revealed the source.

With this incident there seems no chance of the director working the production house ever again.

"Going by what has transpired; Rohit an otherwise cool customer has no plans of working with them in the future. It is a fact that every production house has repeated Rohit in their films so far but working with Reliance again seems like a far-fetched proposal at the moment”, source added.

When contacted the Reliance Entertainment the spokesperson had very little to say, “Since Singham was an extremely quick production, stresses are invariable part of that experience. Right now, we are extremely pleased with the way the film has opened and hope it continues to play as successfully in the coming weeks."

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