Arbaaz Khan and Abhinav Kashyap make up

Added by harini on Aug 05, 2011

Arbaaz Khan and Abhinav Kashyap who created box office magic together with the movie ‘Dabangg’ had an ugly fall out when Abhinav Kashyap walked out on Dabangg sequel.

Arbaaz Khan who was hurt by this incident confessed to the media that he was hurt and disappointed by Abhinav Kashyap’s decision. He also decided to go ahead and direct the movie himself.

But now things seem to be better between the two as they hugged and made up in Sunil Bohra’s birthday party.

"Abhinav Kashyap was at the party right from the start as he is extremely close to Sunil Bohra. With Arbaaz Khan also being a close friend of Bohra, people were expecting him to be present at the party. Arbaaz did walk in but only around 1 am in the night. That is when he bumped into Abhinav, who was already sitting there with a group of people. They soon broke the ice and ended up chatting till the wee hours of the morning”, said an eye witness.

Abhinav Kashyap himself confirmed the news and said, “Yes, it was nice to catch up with Arbaaz. We sat and spoke for almost three hours. He is looking extremely fit and is eager to start his film. Incidentally, it was Sunil Bohra, who had initially introduced me to Arbaaz. The fact that we met again at Sunil's party and spoke to each other was nice. We talked about many things including Dabangg. It was like catching up on old times."

Arbaaz Khan also seemed happy to have sorted things out with Abhinav.

"It is not as if we were gunning for each other. It was a professional decision and we have been cordial with each other at public events. There is no personal problem as such. We are two people who started our career together, him as a director and I as a producer. Sometimes some things don't work out and that's what happened between us, but I have moved on. We both are now over it. We met after a long time and so we sat down and spoke about Dabangg. There is no animosity between us anymore”, he said.

Sunil Bohra who brought the two friends together again is thrilled with the development. He added, “I am happy that both of them met and patched up at my party and it was nice to see them have an animated conversation."

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