Maria sends Ram Gopal Varma a legal notice

Added by harini on Aug 07, 2011

The film maker Ram Gopal Varma has received a legal notice from Maria Susairaj demanding a special screening his upcoming movie ‘Not a Love Story’.

Ram Gopal Varma had earlier declared that his movie ‘Not a Love Story’ is inspired by the Neeraj Grover case. Maria is worried that she would be potrayed in a wrong way in the movie and has demanded that director holds a special screening for her. Neeraj Grover’s family too had shown their displeasure of Ramu making the movie.

But Ram Gopal Varma has decided not to give in to the demands according to Bollywood Hungama.

"I will not show my film to Maria as I have repeatedly said that my film is just inspired by the incident and not completely based on her. There are so many differences in the film from the real life incident. My heroine is not a south Indian actress and her fiancé is not in Navy as in real case. Also, the film is just an interpretation of what could have happened and not a reporting on what actually happened. No one was there to know what the reality is. This is not her story and I am not showing the film to her”, he told the website.

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