If this continues, we’ll only be churning out soppy romantic comedies: Saif Ali Khan

Added by harini on Aug 10, 2011

After Prakash Jha’s office was stoned and his upcoming movie ‘Aarakshan’ posters were burnt by Republican Party of India activists, the rumors started that Saif Ali Khan’s house was stoned too.

Even though the rumors turned out to be untrue the actor said that police jeep is always parked outside his residence.

“There have been no threats in Mumbai,Delhi or Pataudi but they wouldn’t send a police jeep for no reason, would they?” he said.

“Prakashji wouldn’t sensationalize an issue and the fact that the Censor Board passed the film without cuts endorses that. Yet it’s embroiled in controversy. My Love Aaj Kal (2009) too had issues with the Sikh community, who feared the reputation of sardars would be tarnished. But that was till they saw the film. Anurag Kashyap (Black Friday, 2004) and Rahul Dholakia (Parzania, 2005) also ran into problems with their films. If this continues, we’ll only be churning out soppy romantic comedies,” he said.

He is enraged with the fact that many people have opposed him playing a role of a Dalit because of him being a Nawab.  

“There’s corruption at every level in our country, only the film industry is free of such corruption and discrimination. Here you get a role on the basis of your acting talent and not your background. I’m just as comfortable sharing a meal with a farmer in a field in Bhopal as I am riding a carriage in London. 

He admitted that ‘Aarakshan’ was an eye opener for him and understands the need of reservation system but he also feels sad that good students who score 98% end up with short end of the stick due to reservations.

“I’m going to work really hard to send my children (Sara and Ibrahim) abroad. And if necessary, ensure that they don’t need to work. I know it’s an escapist attitude but how do you change the system and bring equality in a huge country like ours?” Saif asked.

He also pointed out that he himself was educated abroad and the only reason he is back in India is due to his job.

“My job (as an actor) brought me back home and it’s the best job in the world”, he concluded.

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