AP Government likely to clear 'Aarakshan'

Added by harini on Aug 13, 2011

The Andhra Pradesh government that had previously banned the movie ‘Aarakshan’ is likely to clear the movie.

"'Aarakshan' has been appreciated and cleared by APFDC (Andhra Pradesh Film Development Corporation) and is likely to be cleared by the government by noon today (Saturday) and shows will start soon thereafter," said a statement from distributors Reliance Entertainment.

The movie was banned due to its story line of caste based reservations in Indian educational institutions. The government feared a section of public would have objections with certain dialogues and scenes from the movie.

As a result AP government along with Uttar Pradesh and Punjab banned the movie to avoid political clashes.

The director Prakash Jha has filed a petition against the 3 states and the hearing will take place on Tuesday.

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