I work to earn respect: Ali Zafar

Added by harini on Aug 14, 2011

Ever since his debut in ‘Tere Bin Laden’ Ali Zafar has been getting rave reviews. While the critics appreciated his talent, the girls went gaga over his looks. So it dint come as a surprise when YRF capitalized on the success of new found heart throb and cast him in a movie alongside the likes of Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan.

Ali Zafar plays one of the lead roles in the movie ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ which is all set for release in September. While Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan have been hogging all the lime light in the promotions of the movie, Ali Zafar is in the backgrounds.

But Ali Zafar says that he has no problem playing the second fiddle.

"I am a realistic person. I am just one film old whereas both Imran and Katrina are really big stars. I can't expect to receive as much attention as them, and frankly it's not even what I am looking for,” said Ali Zafar.

He though admits that he has not been given enough space in the promos.

"They have released a song with Imran and Katrina. I guess they have their own strategies to publicise the film”, he added.

Interestingly before beginning shooting for the movie Ali Zafar made it a point to watch the movies of his co-stars.

"I wanted to see the kind of work they have done," he said.

Ali also said that earning respect is counted for him more than anything else.

"Acting is not the only thing in my life. Fame and stardom is secondary for me. I work to earn respect, be it as an actor or as a musician”, he said.

He added that he felt very comfortable on stage and was looking forward to jamming with his co-stars.

We are doing a series of concerts where Imran and Katrina will be jamming with me. That, I think, would be very exciting," he concluded.

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