Now RGV wants to show Maria 'Not a Love Story'

Added by harini on Aug 17, 2011
A still from 'Not a Love Story'
A still from 'Not a Love Story'

Ram Gopal Varma, who had previously refused publicly to show his movie ‘Not a Love Story’ to Maria Susairaj, has eaten his own words and has now decided to show her the movie.

"I am really keen to show maria susairaj the film on the basis of like I always maintained that it has been inspired from her story. I wud like to seeMariasreaction on the film on account of hw close her emotional state wud hav been to that of mahee gills character (sic),” posted the director on his twitter account.

Clearing the air on why he had refused to show the movie earlier he tweeted, "I refused 2 shw Not a love story 2 Maria cos she ws threatening legal action bt nw it hs bn kpt aside so I wnt 2 voluntarily shw hr the film(sic)."

The movie is inspired from the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover committed by Maria and her boyfriend. Maria who was recently acquitted after spending 3 years in jail was scared that she would be portrayed in the wrong way. So, Maria had earlier sent the director a legal notice demanding to watch the movie before it hit the screens. 

Her character is being portrayed by Mahie Gill in the movie. 

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