Jacqueline replaces Chitrangda in Krrish 2

Added by harini on Aug 20, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez is one lucky lady. Not only she has managed to woo the audience with her sexy look in Murder 2 but she has also impressed Rakesh Roshan, who is now planning to cast Jacqueline in his upcoming movie ‘Krrish 2’.

Rakesh Roshan who was in a fix after Chitrangda walked out of ‘Krrish 2’ has now approached Jacqueline for the role.

A source informed Mumbai Mirror that Rakesh Roshan along with Hrithik Roshan approached Jacqueline with the script.

“The meeting with Jacqueline stretched for over three hours. They discussed the script and the actress was quite keen. By the end, both Hrithik and Rakesh seemed to be quite positive about her," said the source.

Revealing the reason for replacement Rakesh Roshan said, “I was to start my film in October and took dates accordingly. Now, the film is going on floors in December and Chitrangda is having some problems with her dates then. She has already committed her dates to some other project in December and cannot delay it.  So I am looking for some actor who can give the dates according to my schedule."

He though denied finalizing Jacqueline for the role.

Even though Rakesh Roshan cites dates as the reason, the insiders reveal that the reason Chitrangda walked out wasn’t about her availability.

"Chitrangda was rather miffed when she read the final script. She had signed the film thinking that it was the role of the main female villain. However, when the final script emerged, she realized that her role was reduced to something of a cameo. And she did not have time for cameos" revealed the source.

Neither party has confirmed the reports.

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