Supreme Court lifts ban on 'Aarakshan' in UP

Added by harini on Aug 20, 2011
Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in Aarakshan
Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in Aarakshan

The Supreme Court on Friday has lifted the ban on ‘Aarakshan’ imposed by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The Uttar Pradesh Government had put a ban of 2 months on ‘Aarakshan’ due to the movie dealing with the sensitive matter of reservation system in India. Prakash Jha had appealed to Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court panel which includes Justice M. Sharma and Justice Anil R. Dave ruled in favor of Prakash Jha stating that the state government cannot seek deletion of certain potions of the film as this amounted to censorship.

The court also said that once the Censor Board of Film Certification cleared the movie for public viewing, no state can raise objections on it.

When UP countered that reservation was a delicate subject in the state and few scenes could cause potential of affecting the law and order situation, the court said it could not agree with this as the film is being shown all over the country, including in the states which are sensitive to reservation.

The director Prakash Jha is happy with the out come.

"The Supreme Court decision should restore our faith in the system. I'm happy the hearing is in our favor. The people of Uttar Pradesh will finally be able to watch 'Aarakshan'," said a very elated Prakash Jha. 

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