Shahid is special: Sonam Kapoor

Added by harini on Aug 26, 2011

Sonam Kapoor is not known to make friends out of her co-stars. Though she remains cordial with her co-stars, she never got buddy-buddy with them with the exception of Ranbir Kapoor.

But things have changed now as Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor got along like a house on fire while shooting for their movie ‘Mausam’.

"I didn't know Shahid at all before we started shooting. So, maybe we came in with pre-conceived ideas about each other. But once we understood each other better, we realized that we are far different from what each had imagined. I'm glad that it was all sorted out, as I have found a 3 am friend in him!" Sonam told the Daily Bhaskar.

Sonam Kapoor who is known to speak her mind which generally gets interpreted as being brash said she had no qualms with it.

"I think most people here have an underlying agenda. They double-talk and simply don't have the guts to stick by what they say. But it has stopped bothering me now. I'm not here to make friends. That's why Shahid is special, because he's such a rarity," she said.

When asked about her previous good friend Ranbir Kapoor who was special for some time she said, “Too much has happened now to call him my friend. I don't think of him as my friend anymore. I won't regret turning down any offers with him. I don't care if people consider me a snob or arrogant; that's a tag people earn here for being honest, so I'm okay with it."

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