Silk Smitha's sexuality is in your face: Vidya Balan

Added by harini on Aug 29, 2011

Vidya Balan who over the years has garnered the image of elegance and class would have been the last choice for a role of some one as sensual as ‘Silk Smitha’. Yet, the actress seems perfectly comfortable portraying a role of ‘sex-symbol’.

"I loved the script and was almost shocked that they (Milanand Balaji) thought of me. I was shocked and thrilled because she is so unlike me. Silk Smitha's sexuality is in your face. It is almost offensive," Vidya Balan said.

"Dirty Picture is an apt title for the movie. It is reflective of our perception of her. We feel that she could not have made a pretty picture," she added.

The producer of the movie Ekta Kapoor says that 'Silk Smitha' is just one of the muses of the film.

"It's a beautiful coincidence since she is one of our muses, along with other Southern actors like Shakeela, Nylon Nandini and Polyester Padmini", she said.

"My film is not inspired by any one of them, but is a reflection of an era when they used their sexuality to carve a niche for themselves in the male-dominated South film industry. Many frowned upon them, but they were survivors and their power over the masses cannot be denied," she added.

'The Dirty Picture' is being directed by Milan Luthria and is being touted as the 'boldest Bollywood movie' yet.

The movie will release on December 2nd which is the birth anniversary of 'Silk Smitha'.  

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