Vidya is marvelous and a very fine actress: Naseeruddin Shah

Added by harini on Aug 29, 2011

Naseeruddin Shah will once again be seen romancing Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’ after their successful stint in the movie ‘Ishqiya’.

In the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ Vidya Balan is surrounded by 3 men – one who loves, one who lusts after her and another who hates her. Naseeruddin Shah is playing the character that lust after her.

“My character is an ageing superstar, a lusty old goat”, Naseeruddin Shah said.

“I’ve not modeled him on anyone in particular but have used various stars I’ve come in contact with in Mumbai as a reference to the way he behaves since I don’t know any of the South matinee idols. Only my look and the dance that took me 10 days to shoot, is drawn from the South film industry”, he added.

The actor seems to enjoy working with Vidya Balan as he has nothing but praises for her.

“Vidya is marvelous, one of the finest actors we have around! Konkona (Sen Sharma) and Tabu are wonderful and I rate Vidya just as highly. With this movie she’s going to surprise everyone. She looks devastating, the camera loves her”, he said.

When asked if he had ever seen Silk Smitha movies he said, “I saw one of her Malayalam films whose name I don’t remember. It was years ago when I was at the institute (FTII, Pune) and I found it very funny. I think our movie will be more flattering to her memory.”

Talking about his other movies, the actor said that he was keen on doing ‘Krrish 2’ but unfortunately wont be a part of it.

“I was hoping Rakesh (producer-director Rakesh Roshan) would bring my character back to life in the sequel but he brought in Jacqueline Fernandez instead”, he joked.

“Meanwhile, there’s 4084 and The Dirty Picture, both of which should wrap up by the month end. The Blueberry Hunt in which I play a marijuana planter, Colonel, is coming up for release followed by two Anurag Kashyap films, That Girl in Yellow Boots and Michael. In Michael I play a cashiered cop who’s going blind. Maximum too should roll soon and I’m also working on another film with A Wednesday’s writer-director Neeraj Pandey that should also flag off by the year-end. This year we launched two new Bernard Shaw plays on stage, My George! And Arms and theMan.I was planning one more but that will have to wait till 2012. My plate is full,” he said.

When asked when would he be donning the director’s hat again as its been 5 years since he movie ‘Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota’. He laughed and said, “When someone who is out of his mind lets me make whatever I want.”

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