Abhishek's paternity leave canceled

Added by harini on Aug 29, 2011

The movie ‘Dhoom 3’ was supposed to go on floors in the month of November. But due to Aishwarya Rai’s due date in the same month, the movie had to be postponed as Abhishek Bachchan had requested time to spend some time with his wife and the baby when it arrives.

But now Abhishek’s paternity leave has been canceled as Aamir Khan couldn’t allot the new dates for the movie. The movie will now be shot according to the previous schedule.

"It is not advisable for the producers to try negotiating with Aamir as his dates clash with the time Abhishek wished to take off from the shoots. Hence Aditya Chopra asked him to reconsider taking leave," said the source. 

Abhishek Bachchan understood the dilemma and decided to cancel his leaves.

"It was a professional decision on his part. He readily agreed when he understood the problem that the producers were in. Aamir does only one film at a time and he allots his dates well in advance. Abhishek will get a customary two days off on the day of delivery. And he is content with it," added the source. 

The movie also features Uday Chopra and is set to release on December 25th 2012. 

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