I wish Salman a speedy recovery: Shah Rukh Khan

Added by harini on Sep 01, 2011

Seems like Shah Rukh Khan is keen on mending the broken bridges with Salman Khan. After learning that his former close friend Salman Khan was suffering from the very painful trigeminal Neuralgia and would be undergoing surgery in US, Shah Rukh said that he wished Salman ‘good health’ and would pray for him to recover soon.

"If anybody is unwell we all feel...Are obviously not happy about I....We all feel sad about it. I wish him (Salman) a speedy recovery and all the best in life. Because everyone misses him...It is very sad when you get injured," Shah Rukh said.

Shah Rukh and Salman who were very close friends at were particular time had an ugly spat at star studded birthday bash of Katrina Kaif in 2008. Since then the actors have made their displeasure towards each other clear in the media as Salman Khan had said "SRK and I can never be friends”. Shah Rukh had replied back saying,” Salman and I don't talk which is absolutely right".

But seems like the Shah Rukh is willing to let bygones be bygones.

"I have undergone several surgeries and I think it is very important when our bodies get injured or hurt. That they get repaired it very fast...Cured very fast. I feel the injuries because I have been injured few times. It is not nice when you lead an actor's life. It is not like I wish for a healthy life not on this auspicious day of Eid but everyday. I want people should not have difficulties in life,” he said.

Not just Salman but Shah Rukh said he would also pray for Salman’s family.

“These are tough times. More than the person who is suffering the family does...I pray for his family...I wish them all the best. They are very good friends of mine and they are my family," Shah Rukh said.

"When people ask me how are your children I don't tell them that they are studying well or are happy or are naughty, I say they are healthy. And I believe that is the biggest blessing. I hope he (Salman) gets cured very fast and comes back to work very fast," Shah Rukh added.

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