Kangna Ranaut and Paris Hilton drama continues

Added by harini on Sep 13, 2011

Seems like the actress Kangna Ranaut is having a tough time breaking free from her ‘Paris Hilton’ controversy.

Few days ago Kangna Ranaut told the media that Paris Hilton had asked her to endorse Paris Hilton line in India. But Paris Hilton’s PR immediately gave a statement in media saying that they had never approached Kangna to represent the brand. But Kangna Ranaut’s spokesperson maintained that they were approached by Paris Hilton and the talks had taken place but things dint fall through.

To make matters worse the reports suggested that Kangna had met Paris through her ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman. Kangna had denied ever meeting Paris Hilton.

But Paris Hilton’s PR Pragya Narang has dismissed the claims saying, “Paris is a global mega star and is extremely miffed at these false, fabricated and bogus reports that Ms Kangna Ranaut is all set to be the face of her fashion line in India.Paris does not need a face to represent her, anywhere in the world. As per Ms Geetika's (Kangna's publicist) claims of receiving a business query from an international fashion brand, Kangna or her representatives are in no position to name Paris Hilton Fashions as the brand in question, because they are well aware that Kangna was never approached or offered such a deal from Paris. As for Kangna's claim that she has never met Paris, we still stand by our earlier statement that Kangna has indeed met Paris in Dubai, courtesy Paris's close friendship with her ex-boyfriend and actor Adhyayan Suman. When they were dating, Adhyayan introduced her to the biggest names from the world of film and fashion, including his friend, Paris.Paris does not even remember meeting Kangna, let alone making her the face of her brand in India. She is contemplating taking legal action against Ms Kangna Ranaut for using her name for cheap publicity."

Just when you thought the matter had sorted out Dawn Miller, Paris’s spokesperson from Los Angeles said Pragya Narang wasn’t representing Paris Hilton and only he and his company had the right to make statements on behalf of Paris. But he also maintained that they had never approached Kangna.

"On behalf of Paris Hilton and Paris Hilton Entertainment, I can confirm that we are unaware of any of the reported events currently in the press in India. Only Paris Hilton Entertainment is authorized to make business deals and represent Paris Hilton in India. Please direct any future inquiries to Paris Hilton Entertainment for confirmation. Closer to the date of the trip, we will issue an official press release to provide more information. Paris Hilton looks forward to her first visit to India."

When asked Narang about Miller’s statement she said, “This is surprising. I was asked to handle Paris's business queries in India by Jamie Freed. I will get back to Jamie on this. I have never interacted with Dawn Miller.”

Jamie is apparently Paris Hilton’s manager. When asked Miller about Jamie approaching Narang he said, “No. I speak on behalf of Paris Hilton Entertainment and Jamie Freed." 

To all these controversies the only thing poor Kangna Ranaut said was, “I am an outsider in the industry, hence an easy target. I think I have become a punching bag. It perturbs me simply because lies can be really scary. I have to stand up for myself.”

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