There is a message in my movie 'Force' : John Abraham

Added by harini on Sep 13, 2011
Force movie poster
Force movie poster

In John Abraham’s career the action packed movie ‘Dhoom’ is one of his biggest hits. But interesting the actor has stayed away from the action genre after that movie.

But now John Abraham is all set to make a comeback in action genre with his upcoming movie ‘Force’ which is a remake of Tamil movie 'Kaakha Kaakha'.

“After 'Dhoom', I've not attempted any action film. So, my fans were a little disappointed with me. Many pointed out that I have the physique and strength; therefore I should attempt a hard core action film. And post this film I think people will find me in the action hero slot,” said John Abraham.

The action movies have been the flavor of the season. The movies like Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ and Ajay Devgn’s ‘Singham’ have managed to break box office records. And John Abraham will also be playing a cop just like Salman and Ajay have played in their respective films. But John Abraham denied that this was an intentional move.

“I think it's all a sheer coincidence that I am playing the character of a cop. We had never planned that all of us will play the character of an outrageous cop. But I feel Salman bhai and Ajay Devgn have brilliantly don the character,” he added.

John Abraham had to rigorously train for a movie and follow a strict regime in preparation for the character in the movie.

“I had to take special training for this film. When we finalised the film, the director (Nishikanth Kamath) had said that he wanted a body which looked international and I had only eight months to prepare. He wanted me to look like Sylvester Stallone,” said John.

"Stallone has been an inspiration for me from the time I was in school when 'Rocky 4' came out. That is when I had found inspiration from him to be fit like him”, he added.

John Abraham said the movie isn’t just action packed but also comes with a strong message.

“I am playing an anti-drug officer and personally also I don't believe in drugs. People who are into drugs are escapists. Through my film, I would really want our youth to understand that due to peer pressure, people get mislead. It just destroys your body completely and this is the message that we are trying to give with this film,” he said.

The movie stars Genelia D’Souza as the female lead. It is being produced by Vipul Shah and will release on September 30th.

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