I didn't charge Dad for Mausam: Shahid Kapur

Added by harini on Sep 14, 2011

Shahid Kapur hasn’t only dedicated 2 years of his life for his father Pankaj Kapur’s movie but has also done it for free. Shahid who generally chargers Rs. 15 crores per movie hasn’t taken a penny yet from his dad.

“It is such a big and expensive film that I didn’t want the burden of my fees to fall on the film’s budget. We’ve worked out a structure of sorts, so that my payment is not a burden on the film as of now,” says Shahid Kapur.

When further questioned on the structure he replies, “Please contact my accountant for more details”.

Shahid Kapur who learned to fly a fighter jet for the movie and lived in the base camps of Indian Air Force to play the character says that maintaining his moustache was the toughest job.

“It is the most difficult thing to maintain! I used to cut myself while trimming everyday. And I will never keep one in the future again,” says Shahid who went back to his clean look as soon as the movie wrapped up. 

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