'Mausam' runs into another hurdle

Added by harini on Sep 13, 2011
Shaid Kapur and Sonam Kapoor in Mausam
Shaid Kapur and Sonam Kapoor in Mausam

Just before its release and premier in Toronto, the movie ‘Mausam’ has run into another hurdle.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has objected to an action sequence involving 6 fighter planes post interval in the movie. Without a ‘No Objection’ certificate from IAS, the Censor Board cannot clear the movie for its release.

The actor Shahid Kapoor who actually commanders one of the fighter jets in the sequence said that they had followed every rule and regulation meticulously.

“Mausam is the first film after Govind Nihalani’s Vijeta (1982) to be given permission by the IAF to shoot extensively on their bases in Pune and Gwalior, and that was because of dad (Pankaj Kapur) and his reputation as an actor. The script was submitted to them before the film rolled, so both, the story and the way my character was presented, could be vetted,” he said.

“But certain special effects and computer graphics were added during post-production, and that’s come under scrutiny,” he added.

But considering the relationship they shared during the filming of the movie Shahid Kapoor hopes that the movie will be cleared soon.

“It’s important to us to ensure that the film is authentic and correct in its depiction of the IAF without compromising on the story, sequence or film. Our relationship with the IAF has been fantastic over the last year and I’m confident the issue will be resolved amicably over the next couple of days. I’m hoping to walk the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday. It’s wonderful to be able to represent Hindi cinema at such a prestigious festival and to be the face of the IAF,” he concluded. 

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