Kangna Ranaut left out of 'Rascals' music launch

Added by harini on Sep 15, 2011

Poor Kangna Ranaut has been left out of ‘Rascals’ event once again. Kangna, who was previously left out of Rascals first look promo, has now been left out even from the music launch.

While the whole cast of the movie Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal, Chunky Pandey and Lisa Hayden were present Kangna Ranaut was conspicuous from her absence.

When the media present at the event questioned Kangna’s absence, Sanjay Dutt choose to ignore the question, while Ajay Devgn turned the question towards Sanjay Walia saying, “Sanjay is the best person to reply to this question as Sanju and I had nothing to do with the invites. It is the producer's prerogative whom he chooses to invite so let's ask Sanjay (Walia)."

Sanjay Walia though dint shy away from question and confirmed that Kangna was intentionally left out.

“Yes we didn't invite Kangna as there are some issues with her. She has been refusing to give us dates for some dubbing that is left. There are just a few lines of her dubbing work left. However the issues with Kangna are in the process of getting resolved so I wouldn't like to discuss them further. Arjun (Rampal) was invited but he couldn't make it as he had other commitment”, said the producer.

When contacted Kangna’s spokesperson he said, “It's true that Kangna was not invited again to the second event of Rascals. Why don't you ask them why she wasn't invited?"

Kangna Ranaut had problems with Sanjay Dutt (whom she has once claimed to be very close with) and Ajay Devgn was since the out door shooting of the movie. But now it seems like she has entered the bad books of Sanjay Walia too. 

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