'Rockstar' music launch on September 20 in Nizamuddin Dargah

Added by harini on Sep 16, 2011
Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar
Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar

The Nizamuddin Dargah inDelhihas always occupied a special place in hearts of few Bollywood celebrities. The best example may be that of Raj Kapoor who is known to have visited the Dargah quite frequently.

The director Imtiaz Ali and music director AR Rahman of ‘Rockstar’ movie share the same sentiments about the Dargah. Hence they have decided to launch the music of the movie in the Dargah itself.

The music of the movie will be launched on 20th of September and will be attended by the cast and crew of the movie including Ranbir Kapoor, Imtiaz Ali and AR Rahman.

Other reason why the director chose the sacrosanct place for the launch is the fact that they have shot a ‘qawwali’ in the Dargah.

While Imtiaz Ali remained tight lipped over the plans, dargah in-charge Syed Afsar Ali Nizami said, “Imtiaz bhai has shot the qawwali at the dargah and even Rahman bhai has a very special place for it in his heart. The dargah features in the movie too, and we hope for the success of its music.” 

The movie will release on November 11th. 

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