'Rockstar' concerts in Delhi and London

Added by harini on Oct 04, 2011

The movie ‘Rockstar’ never really got an official launch, even though the music was released this Monday. The launch was supposed to take place on September 20th but later got postponed to 24th and then to 29th. But on neither of those days did they have a successful music launch.

The delay took place due to the production. The CD is also a bit different. It has a lot of embossing. The master also got delayed because Rahman was not inIndia. We were anyway targeting its release around Navratri and not during the shraadh (fasting) period,” says Bhushan Kumar of T-Series.

So, they have instead decided to have concerts in Delh iand London to make up for the music launch.

“The buzz around the music is so big that we don’t need any formal music launch. We wanted to do something different, so we thought of this new idea,” he says.

“We are planning concerts since the film is about music. It will be in Delhi on November 1 and later in London. And by November, I am sure the songs will have become more popular,” he adds.

The concert will have AR Rahman performing live on stage while Ranbir Kapoor will also make an appearance.

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