There's no rivalry with anyone: Shah Rukh Khan

Added by harini on Oct 04, 2011

In an interview with TOI, Shah Rukh Khan said that he was sick and tired of constant comparison that he is subjected to.

"I am sick and tired of being compared all the time! Just like it's not fair to compare me to a legend like Amitabh Bachchan, however flattering it may be, it's equally unfair to compare me to every second newcomer. Without sounding rude, I just want to say that in the last 20 years, I have done enough quality work to carve out my own identity,” he said.

When asked what inspired him to make a sci-fi movie ‘Ra.One’ he replied, “I have come a long way and tasted success as an actor, but my kids would keep saying that I don't make films for them. So I decided to do something different for cinema itself and that's how ‘Ra.One’ happened.”

Shah Rukh Khan admitted that 5 years ago when he thought of concept for ‘Ra.One’ he was apprehensive about its budget.

"Five years ago, when we thought of Ra.One, there were genuine apprehensions about the huge expenses and many felt it would be difficult to recover the costs. But everyone was very supportive and I am glad that we went ahead with it. And let me clarify that the poster of the film hasn't been copied from anywhere,” he said.

He also added that being Number One doesn’t matter to him anymore.

“After 20 years in the industry, the numbers game doesn't bother me. My passion for doing good cinema remains the same as before and I want everyone to do well. There's no rivalry with anyone”, Shah Rukh Khan said.

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