Rajinikanth suggets few changes in 'Ra.One'

Added by harini on Oct 06, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan seems to be saying ‘Your wish is my command’ to Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth, who recently shot for a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Ra.One’, suggested a few changes in the movies action sequences and Shah Rukh immediately accepted to make those changes.

“During the filming at Whistling Woods, Goregaon West, Rajinikanth wanted changes in the action and visuals. These changes will be implemented, but it will take some additional VFX, which in turn will add to Shah Rukh’s costs,” a source informed Mumbai Mirror.

Shah Rukh Khan will be implementing the changes exactly the way Rajinikanth suggested it.

"SRK and Sinha (Anubhav) deliberated on Rajini’s changes for a few minutes. The cost to Shah Rukh and the co-producers Eros International will also increase. But Rajini is a master in special effects, his last film involving special effects Robot was a treat. And so, SRK agreed readily to Rajinikanth’s changes. He told Rajini ‘Sir, it will be done exactly as you say’," added the source.

Given that the special effects in ‘Robot’ movie were brilliant, we may be able to be expect the same from ‘Ra.One’.

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