Ranbir refuses to endorse tobacco and liquor brands

Added by harini on Oct 08, 2011

While most B Town celebrities are a part as many brand endorsements as they can, Ranbir Kapoor believes in promoting the brands that he believes in.

"RK has turned down lucrative proposals from several brands. He is also known to have a strict policy against endorsing alcohol and tobacco on screen. He takes time when associating with a brand. He was approached for a fairness skincare range currently being endorsed by his contemporary. He said no as he doesn't believe in emulating a culture that promotes fairness. He also has gone on record to clarify that he would never endorse smoking or drinking on screen,” said Ranbir Kapoor’s friend to TOI.

When the same question was asked to Ranbir Kapoor he said, “I don't believe in endorsing fairness creams, alcohol and tobacco. I don't want to influence people using such things as I feel I have a responsibility to not misguide the youth. I don't have a problem with my colleagues and other stars endorsing such products, but I refrain from it. I'm happy with the brands I endorse and I hope I can serve them and the consumers well.”

"Money is never the criteria. It's about what you believe in and what comes naturally to you as a brand ambassador. It's a responsibility you have towards the consumers and you can't take them for granted," he added.

Well, a celebrity thinking of consumers??? That’s a pleasant surprise.

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