Vidya Balan hospitalized due to exhaustion

Added by harini on Oct 12, 2011

The actress Vidya Balan, who has been giving her all to essay the role of Silk Smitha in ‘The Dirty Picture’, was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on Dussehra due to over exhaustion.

“Vidya has been taking her role in The Dirty Picture very seriously. With constant shoots and the stress it obviously entails, Vidya started feeling rather dizzy and restless about ten days back. Her parents took her to the doctor who advised immediate hospitalization,” said a source to Daily Mirror.

Reportedly, the actress was kept under observation for three days and underwent many tests. The tests indicated low level of hemoglobin. The actress was put on drip and released when her condition improved.

"Even though she has been discharged, the doctors have given Vidya strict instructions to rest for the next week," said the source.

With Vidya Balan on bed rest the shooting of the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ is on a hold for a while.

"There are still about five to six days of filming left. With Vidya recuperating, the shoot will have to wait. Ekta andMilan, however, are not worried about the delay. But definitely this delay is cutting too close to the scheduled November 2 release,” said the source.

"She has been at home the entire time. While her parents and sister have been nursing her, her sister's children Ira and Ruhaan have been keeping her entertained," added the source.

An official from the hospital confirmed and said, “Yes, Vidya was admitted to Lilavati. Her test results indicated that she had a low RBC count and was undergoing treatment for it."

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