Salman Khan might feature in 'Dookudu' remake

Added by harini on Oct 12, 2011

Salman Khan is soon gaining the name ‘King of Remakes’. After making successful remakes of ‘Wanted’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Bodyguard’, Salman Khan might now feature in ‘Dookudu’s’ remake.

The Tollywood movie ‘Dookudu’, which features Mahesh Babu and, released two weeks ago has become a huge hit not only down south but world wide.

Looking at the response that the movie has garnered world wide, Salman Khan’s kid sister Arpita Khan has bought the remake rights. Arpita is keen on casting her brother in Mahesh Babu’s role as she thinks Salman Khan is tailor made for the role.

Earlier, even Mahesh Babu had admitted that if ‘Dookudu’ was made in Hindi then Salman Khan would be perfect for it.

But the only problem is that Salman Khan has many movies lined up and he had also previously stated that he dint want to do cop movies anymore.

But Salman Khan might just make an exception for his kid sister.

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