Mom is a hard task master: Esha Deol

Added by harini on Oct 15, 2011

After a long hiatus, Esha Deol is back with the movie ‘Tell Me O Khhuda’, directed by none other than her mother Hema Malini.

But the actress said that working for her mother wasn’t a cake walk, as Hema Malini is hard task master and wants everything perfect.

"Mom is really a hard task master and when her mind is set on doing something, she will get it done, no matter what! Mom always gets her way,” she said.

She also said that Hema Malini wasn’t easy on Esha because she was her daughter.

"We were shooting in the arid deserts of Rajasthan and there was a scene where I had to run on the sand and sit on a camel. I was petrified, so I pestered mom to change her mind. I tried everything in the book to tell her it can be shot differently, but she insisted I do it! I relented and shot for the scene in the way she had envisioned it. Today, when I see it I am really glad mom got her way and didn't listen to me”, she said.

However, the actress said that working with her dad was totally different experience.

"Dad is more of the emotional kind and the first day on the sets with him was an unforgettable experience. It was the first time we were doing a film together and it was an overwhelming experience - a dream come true for me!” she said.

When asked if working with family put undue pressure on her she replied, “In fact, I think that working with family put me into a great comfort zone. I knew that I can make mistakes and they're not going to be judgmental. They'll teach me and I'll learn. These are comforting factors and not something that puts pressure!"

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