Vidya's beau not happy about 'The Dirty Picture'

Added by harini on Oct 20, 2011

The actress Vidya Balan has shed all her reticence to portray South Indian sex-bomb Silk Smitha in Milan Luthria's `The Dirty Picture`. Even the trailers of this movie, produced by Ekta Kapoor, have raised the eyebrows of many Vidya Balan fans.

Vidya Balan has not managed to surprise her fans with this role but also her beau Siddharth Roy Kapoor, who apparently isn’t very happy about Vidya Balan’s raunchy scenes.

“Naturally, Siddharth wasn’t too pleased about her kissing scenes and asked her why she agreed to shoot them. Siddharth also tried asking Vidya if there was a way she could get the scenes in question toned down,” said a source to daily.

But neither the producer Ekta Kapoor nor the director Milan Luthria are keen on giving into Siddhartha’s requests.

“The film is about the life of Silk Smitha sassy girl. But there’s also a good measure of dark humor, intense drama. So whatever Vidya`s shot, is in keeping with the subject and her character," said the source.

The director Milan Luthria has maintained that there wasn’t any discomfort while shooting these scenes with Vidya Balan and that they are quite essential for the movie.

“It goes without saying that it’s not a very easy scene to shoot. The film seeks to push the envelope further, that’s the kind of clarity she and I share, right from the start. She’s very professional and everything went off fine. This is just one aspect of the movie, there are so many more. Nonetheless, there was no discomfort when she shot the scenes in question,” Milan Luthria said.

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