Raveena Tandon makes a comeback with ‘Gin Liya Aasman'

Added by harini on Oct 24, 2011

The 36 year old actress, Raveena Tandon will be making a comeback on big screen with the movie ‘Gin Liya Aasman’, which is being directed by Rishi Deshpande and produced by Mudassar Aziz and Anil Bohra.

The film revolves around a six year old boy, whose father, a naval officer, goes missing after a plane crash. The kid is told that his father now lives in the sky. The kid starts to believe that his father is responsible for monsoons and other duties. He thinks that his father would come down to spend time with him when he has a vacation.

Raveena Tandon plays the mother of this kid.

"It is a very good script and a meaty role for Raveena who's on the look out for something substantial,” says a source.

The producer Anil Bohra confirmed the reports and said, “All I can say is Raveena fits the bill perfectly and we are happy to have her in film.”

Earlier Mudassar Aziz was keen on casting Sushmita Sen in the role of the mother but after breaking up with the actress, he chose to go with Raveena Tandon instead.

“It’s a very good script but since the equation between them has now changed, Mudassar decided on Raveena instead of taking Sushmita in lead. It is not a regular run of the mill kind of role for an actor,” added the source.

Seems like its season for comebacks. First it was Karisma Kapoor and now it’s Raveena Tandon. Wonder which actress will be next.

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