Shirish Kunder takes a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan

Added by harini on Oct 29, 2011

The once good friend of Shah Rukh Khan, the filmmaker Shirish Kunder took potshots at Shah Rukh Khan’s recently released movie ‘Ra.One’.

"The super hero in Ra One has all the powers in the world but to entertain .I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle," Shirish posted on his twitter page.

"Ironically, # StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovieis trending today!" he added.

The husband of Farah Khan dint leave out Aamir Khan either.

"Aamir re-shoots reality show. Is it looking more real now?" he posted regarding Aamir Khan’s recent TV show announcement.

Not so surprisingly he seemed to have nothing but praise for Salman Khan with whom he worked in the flop movie ‘Jaan-E-Mann’ and who is a currently very good friend of his wife and choreographer turned director Farah Khan.

"Bodyguard is trending. Everything else is pending." He's made at least one Khan happy, for sure!” he wrote.

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