Shah Rukh Khan keen to collaborate with Lady Gaga

Added by harini on Oct 29, 2011

It’s a known fact that Shah Rukh Khan was keen on collaborating with Lady Gaga for a song in his movie ‘Ra.One’. But unfortunately due to the busy schedules of both the celebrities the talks dint materialize.

But now that Lady Gaga is inIndia and Shah Rukh Khan is done with the promotional events for the movie, Shah Rukh Khan is planning on recording a song with Lady Gaga which will be used as part of the post-release promotions for ‘Ra.One’.

"Either Shah Rukh was busy with the post-production of RA.One or Lady Gaga's dates couldn't be worked out. The song couldn't be shot for the film, although composers Vishal-Shekhar had already composed a tune for Lady Gaga to record,” said a source to Daily Mirror.

Shah Rukh Khan who collaborated with Akon for the song ‘Chammak Challo’ felt that just one song wouldn’t be enough and that the film needed another hit track.

"In fact Shah Rukh has been discussing working with Lady Gaga with director Anubhav Sinha all through the post-production of RA.One," added the source.

Anubhav Sinha, the director of the movie confirmed the news and said, “Shah Rukh was very keen on working with Lady Gaga. In fact, we were supposed to shoot them together for a song that would have been used with the end-titles of ‘RA.One’. However, we couldn't co-ordinate Shah Rukh and Lady Gaga's dates. The idea of bringing them together is still very much alive. We're working on something."

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