The shooting of 'Agent Vinod' stalled

Added by harini on Oct 30, 2011

The shooting of Saif Ali Khan’s movie ‘Agent Vinod’ has been stalled for the past 3 days in a District in Rajasthan. The ban was imposed on the movie by the District Administration.

The shooting was scheduled to take place Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer, some 600 km from Jaipur. But the administration decided to impose the ban after the news of possible tampering of archeologically significant location.

The village is popularly called as ‘Ghost Town’ as a myth suggests that Bramhins had cursed this village before leaving it over 250 years back. No one lives in the houses in the village but the village is a popular tourist spot and attracts people from all over the globe.

M.P. Swami, the Jaisalmer District Collector, said that the shooting was cancelled after they received complaints of tampering. Apparently, the color of color of houses in the village had been changed by the shooting crew and along with other tampering.

"A fact finding team from the archeological department has visited the village and will soon submit a report," said the officer.

The climax scenes of the movie were to shot in the village but currently the shooting is on hold.

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